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I think we were in Italy – maybe 90 days ago – when we finalized our remaining plans for Europe. We thought about driving across the US for the last month of our travels, or maybe Canada. Possibly Morocco or Croatia? But then we remembered what so many friends and family recommended: You have to […]

Letting It Go In Paros

We had such a nice time in Greece, and we Kathy (my lovely wife) to thank for it. I love these last-minute decisions that turn out to be top memories! We weren’t planning on traveling here (instead we wanted to stay in Italy for the entire 3 months of our Schengen) but Kathy was wanting […]

Our Roman Holiday

Rome was, relatively speaking, a last-minute destination for us. I had been to Rome before, 20 or so years ago to visit a dear friend, and the immense brilliance of the city has stayed with me to this day. Kathy had been there as well, and we both knew that huge touristy cities were no […]

Beautiful Decay

Is it possible to take a picture of Venice anymore? I probably shouldn’t be so preoccupied with this issue, yet I am – I can’t help it. Every corner, every change of light on that amazing canal that must have been in that calendar/magazine! – every dark windy lane… It’s been photographed. Probably many thousands of times […]


We’re just over half way on our trip, time for a little reflection.

The Caledonian Locks

Today, I will show you the history and engineering of the Caledonian Canal. This canal is around 200 years old, and crosses the northern part of Scotland. The main reasons for the canal being built were: quicker and safer passage through Scotland, to provide employment for Highlanders, and to develop the Scottish Highlands generally. Why […]

A Wee Bit O’ Snoo

As a family that lives on a tropical island, we *love* snow. Not sure if we love it this much, however.


I had no idea what to expect with Edinburgh’s New Years Celebration. Turns out, it’s my best memory from the trip so far!

The Fun of London at Christmas

I wrote previously about our Christmas holiday in London but didn’t do much other than share some pictures. If I’m being honest, the whole experience was a bit overwhelming. We changed our location three times over three days and bled money constantly. It was just absurd at a few points – it’s really hard to even […]